Bespoke Shirts

Once you have experienced the luxury of wearing a bespoke shirt from us, you won't want to wear anything else. we make full paper patterns for each customer, which are retained for all future orders.

Nothing feels better next to your skin than a shirt made precisely for you.

We offer a large choice of collars,cuffs,pockets, plackets and buttons, back darts & base hems. All shirts can also be further personalized with your own initials sewn onto the cuff, pocket or bottom.

Shirt Collars

EFC12 Band Collar: Band 1.25"
EFC13 Hidden Button Down Collar: Length 3", Height 1.75"
EFC14 Rounded Collar with Eyelets: Length 2.75", Height 1.75"
EFC15 English Cut-Away Collar: Length 3.25", Height 1.75"
EFC01 European Narrow Straight Collar: Length 3", Height 1.75"
EFC02 Classic straight Collar: Length 2.75", Height 1.75"
EFC03 Classic Straight Collar with Eyelets: Length 3", Height 1.75"
EFC04 Traditional Spread Collar: Length 2.75", Height 1.75"
EFC05 Traditional Button Down Collar: Length 3.125", Height 1.75"
EFC06 English Wide Spread Collar: Length 3", Height 1.75"
EFC07 Classic Tab Collar: Length 2.75", Height 1.75"
EFC08 Classic Spread Collar: Length 2.875", Height 1.75"
EFC09 Rounded Point Collar: Length 2.75", Height 1.75"
EFC10 Contour Spread: Length 2.75", Height 1.75"
EFC11 Narrow Contour Collar: Length 3", Height 1.75"

Shirt Cuffs

SC - 1 Button Cuff Rounded Corners size: 2 ½
2B - 2 Button Cuff Square Corners Size:3
2BC - 2 Button Cuff Angle Cut Corners Size: 3
FC - French Cuff Square Size: 2 ¾
2BR - 2 Button Cuff Rounded Cut Corners Size: 3
FCR - French Cuff Rounded Size: 2 ¾
FCS - French Cuff Contoured Size: 3
SCC - 1 Button Cuff Angle Cut Corners Size: 2 ½
CC - Convertible Cuff Size: 2 ¾

Short Sleeve Cuff Styles

SSP - Plain Short Sleeves
SSC - Cuffed Short Sleeves
SSVC - Cuffed and V Cut Short Sleeves

Body Styles (front)

PLF - Placket Front
PF - Plain Front
FF - Plain Fly Front Hidden Buttons
PLFF - Placket Fly Front Hidden Buttons

Body Styles (back)

PB - Plain Back
IPB - Inverted Pleat in Back
SPB - Side Pleats in Back
BPB - Box Pleat in Back
2 Back Darts for Slimmer fit

Pocket Styles

P - 1 Classic Pocket
P - 2 Rounded Pocket
P - 3 Regular Pocket with Flap and Button


Angled Script
Script Straight Across
Triangular Sides (Last initial central)
Block Letters
Diamond: Last initial central
Angled Block Letters